Welcome to Bill de la Vega's home page. I'm glad you came.


Since mid-2005, I've started writing more frequently here. So, this page won't change much.

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about fecund.org

why is this guy on the right smiling? because he doesn't know that his hair will be completely grey in a few years...

a bit about my physical home

this site is purposefully plain and fast loading.

picture of me with short hair

you can tell a lot about a person by what they've read - here is a bibliography with comments and a work related bibliography.

or the movies they liked or concerts they've seen.

program computers for fun & profit. here are some not for profit programs .

perhaps you can tell even more about a person by what they write:  rants and raves  

a page about my bicycles


In May-04 I completed the IEEE's Software Development Professional certification. In order to say you are certified, you need to talk at conferences, do more education or research and file some papers. So I am not currently certified - but i know I could be :-)

This web site started while I was a graduate student at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. That was a long time ago.

Currently, I develop software for a living. More precisely I help others use the software my company makes.


of course you can email me; I'd enjoy the feedback.

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